Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tahini Week

East Wind as a community is part of a larger group of communities called the FEC (Federation of Egalitarian Communities). Member communities agree to abide by certain principles. The FEC as an organization works to promote the communities movement through its web site, newsletter, lectures and presentations, and other means. One commonality that is very powerful is the idea of equal for all. All things produced by a community are equally shared amongst its members. We hope our way of life sets an example of equality and unity for the world.

All the communities of the FEC have some type of business or businesses to help them support their community. Members work in the business, are co-owners, and have decision making power through a democratic process. East Wind produces nut butters from almonds, sesames, cashews, and peanuts. Twin Oaks, another FEC member, produces delicious soy based products such as tofu and tempeh. Learn more about their products at Members of FEC communities have the option to work at other FEC communities through a labor exchange program, which is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and learn about other communities put the principles of the FEC in practice.

Here at East Wind Nut Butters we do what is called a “Tahini Week” two or three times a year. In one weeks time we mill several months supply of tahini. We do this because our roasters are not designed to handle these tiny seeds, so we purchase them toasted. We make the tahini as soon as the seeds are delivered, to ensure freshness from roasted sesame to butter. In April we completed a tahini week, and it was a great experience. The week can be a very grueling endeavor for our farm. In the past, this week has required us to forego many of our other activities to ensure the tahini is created quickly. This time, we decided to invite some members from Twins Oaks community to help us with this project. Twins Oaks answered our call for help by sending us an amazing group.

This group made a great impression on us. They were fun to work with, worked very hard, and were dependable. A lot of work got done, and managers from the two communities shared notes on how to improve our business practices. We also had a lot of fun. We played, laughed, and cried together. New friendships were created, old ones strengthened. The experience reminded us all that our family extends beyond our individual communities. The FEC is a growing loving entity. Big ups to Twin Oaks, and we cannot wait till we do it again.

Mushroom from Twin Oaks, in front of the 'Nut House.'

Tim and Mushroom help Mac with tahini shift

Twin Oakers enjoy a break after a day making tahini!

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